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The beat of your local feet: Terry Kaminski

Posted on 7 February, 2017 at 18:10


The beat of your local feet: Terry Kaminski

Even though I had said I would choose a random runner to feature each month I chose Terry Kaminski as the first feature. As some of you may or may not know, he was my High School cross country coach. Terry introduced me to trail running and the competition of cross country. I don't know where I would be today without trail running in my life, so I thought it was only fitting we start here.

1. How did you start running and why?


I always liked to run and ride my bike as a kid. In elementary school we lived about 2 blocks from the school and I would always race my brother home at lunch and after school. Most of my running at a young age was fairly short. They only had the 100m sprint when I was in elementary school. I always finished 1st or 2nd in those races. Then in Gr.7, we were able to run cross country at school. I went out for the cross country team because I liked to run and usually did well at it. At our first practice, the coach explained the trails we were going to run. It was a 3 km loop. I had never run that far in my life. All of us took off running. Some of the trail was flat and there were a few small hills as well. The trails were mostly in a valley below our Jr. High in Estevan, Saskatchewan. The coach could watch us all run and yell at us from the top of the valley. I ended up beating every one that first day of practice. Not bad for a Gr.7 running against Gr.8's and Gr.9's. The coach asked me at the end of the run if I could have run farther or faster. I said, "Yes". He said which one, farther or faster. I said "Both!!!".


After a few more practices, I came to the realization that cross country and running longer distances was something I was quite good at. Some of the older kids even said to me, "you are really good!". This was 1980-81. I have run ever since then and hope I am able to run for many more years to come.


2. What is your favorite distance to run?


My favorite time of the year to run is the fall. I love running on the trails during the cross country season. So, my favorite distances are anything from 5 km to 10 km.


3. What is your proudest moment in running?


There have been many memorable moments for me in running. I would say that my proudest moment was winning the 800m city championships in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1986. There were many really good runners in Regina at that time and it took a perfect combination of training and tactics to win a city championship at that time.


4. What is your favourite running event?


My favorite running event is the Kananaskis 100 mile relay held every year in June in Kananaskis country outside of Calgary. The reason I like this race is that teams of runners have to work together to cover the 100 mile distance. Depending on my training and fitness, some years I would run a longer leg and other years a shorter leg. It is nice to see everyone from teenagers to people in their 60's competing in this race. I have not run this race for probably 10 years but loved every year I ran on a team in that race.


5. Do you have any running goals for this season?


When I was younger, I used to have training and racing goals every year. The past few years, I mostly run for fun and enjoyment. I do not need the motivation of having a race planned to get me out the door to train. I run because it makes me feel good.


The past few years, I have run the 10 km at the 4 Wing Community Run. Thanks to Matt Setlack for organizing this local race. Each year my goal has been to run a little faster than the year before and beat a couple of people around my age. There still is a little bit of competitive drive left in these old bones!!! LOL


6. If you had to give one piece of advice to other runners what would it be?


One piece of advice I have for every runner is that it does not matter how fast everyone else is running. Running is about competing against yourself. No matter how young or old you are every day you are able to run is a good day.

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